Take your gathering to the next level and include a DIY workshop as the main event.  

Rent gathering space at Lola Designs – a creative, chic vibe for small groups.  

Our space is perfect for small group gatherings up to 14.  



The Studio 

A dedicated studio space for workshops designed to accommodate a wide variety of projects and intentionally designed for small class sizes.   

Studio seating can be reconfigured to accommodate small group meetings, wine tastings and pop-up events.












The S.I.P. Lounge

Lola’s S.I.P Lounge created for socializing in a comfortable environment.  Like a home away from home – perfect for socializing before the start of your Lola Designs workshop.   The lounge is ideal for small groups and social gatherings, meetings, book clubs or group studies.  It’s also a great escape room for a party of ONE…a quiet, relaxing place to Sit In Peace (S.I.P.) and sip in peace. 







The Kitchenette

Set up food and chill beverages for your guests in our kitchenette.  No gathering is complete without bit to munch and sip. Cater in, pick up take-out or have a pot-luck; it’s all your choice.   Our kitchenette is complete with the simple amenities needed for a good gathering.  A refrigerator, microwave, a serving table and counter space, and a coffee and tea bar.  The kitchenette also has additional seating space.